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Vaseline: Would you use this to make your breasts bigger?

Vaseline is raved as one that works for bigger breasts.

Vaseline, a popular brand of petroleum jelly (though rumoured as comedogenic/one that blocks pores) based skincare products is revealed to help increase breast size!

Tomilola of Tomi’s Colour Pavilion tries out this tip. She shares; “Some women claim that rubbing Vaseline on your breasts will increase their size – it may sound unbelievable, but many women swear in this method, and there’s no harm in trying it“.

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Vaseline is raved for increasing breast size


All you have to do rub Vaseline on your breasts, then put a dab of toothpaste on the nipple. Repeat the process every morning and night before going to bed and believe me you’ll be amazed by the results” Tomilola says.

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Vaseline is also used on the lips to get them intensely moisturized, used to soften the skin on the elbows and ankles and also helps hydrate the cuticles.

Bigger bust studies reveal give ladies more confidenceplay

Bigger bust studies reveal give ladies more confidence


Simply massage breasts with Vaseline in short circular motion, do this everyday in the morning and at night and use toothpaste on the nipple as well for quick results (this is optional).

Willing to try this out? Tomilola shares how to

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