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Red Hat OpenShift

How Red Hat OpenShift works

According to Red Hat, the key to OpenShift lies in the combination of Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration, both built on RHEL.

By using Docker at its model, OpenShift enables any app created with it to run anywhere else that Docker containers are supported.

After developers push code to OpenShift either through software version control or continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) systems, OpenShift orchestrates how and when the apps run. It also enables dev teams to fix, fine tune and scale those apps quickly as needed.

Containers associated with OpenShift can serve as web frameworks or stateful services, according to Red Hat.

In addition to enabling developers to create their own containers, OpenShift provides an online container catalog with contributions from Red Hat and third parties. Some popular categories include container management, mobile application development, operating systems, programming languages, logging and monitoring, and database management.

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